5 Useful Tips When Pitching to Angel Investors

September 25, 2018

As a small business looking for growth, getting an angel investor to join the ride is not easy. Angel investors are seasoned entrepreneurs themselves. They know what they want and they will easily see if you have done your homework during the pitch.

Here are five tips to impress the angel investors.

  1. Show figures

Of course, you have to show them that you have done a feasibility study. You need to prove that you have enough market to sell your goods or services. However, these are theoretical unless you have preorders too.

Preorder is the number of interested customers who want to purchase your goods. You can get them from your family, friends, and their other circle. You need to be confident enough to offer your goods around to get enough preorders.

  1. Make simple elevator speech

Don’t worry if you can’t say every strong point with your elevator speech. Elevator speech must be short yet interesting enough to keep investors hook for your actual presentation. Be clear and avoid too much body language to make sure that you put your points across.

  1. Prepare a short juicy Deck

When creating your PowerPoint Presentation, consider that your prospective investors may walk out right in the middle of your presentation. Don’t take it personally. Take note that investors are savvy entrepreneurs who have various things to attend to. This is why you need to arrange your priorities well.

  1. Accept suggestions

Since you are pitching to successful entrepreneurs, you might as well listen to their suggestion and answer their questions. The may be evaluating your business model based on their previous experiences. Show that you are willing to accept their suggestions.

  1. Thank your prospected investor

No matter their decisions, thank them for giving you time to present. They may not give you an immediate answer about your business proposal, but they might get back to you after a while. Showing humility is a good sign that you have a professional attitude.

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