Filipinos are responsible, frequently happy, and culturally inclined. Aside from these positive enduring qualities, Filipinos have taken a different approach towards financial lending and borrowing. Many families have also applied various saving methods, while employees embraced responsible eating habits.

Check out the top 3 signs that Filipinos are becoming responsible borrowers:

Balanced Loan Priorities
The modern Filipino knows what he or she wants. When it comes to lending, this is a very good trait because you can find the best cash loans or the best lender in just a short period. Whether you want a low interest scheme or a short repayment period, your search process is going to be more effective. To have balanced loan priorities, you should know what areas of your life need to be improved quickly. If you have a financial situation or any emergency at hand, that should be your priority.

Manageable Spending Habits
Recently, some studies pointed out that Filipinos now have manageable spending habits. Many people still need improvement, but it seems that the graph is moving to a positive direction. Some of the best spending habits include routine checking of groceries and going for home-cooked meals instead of fancy restaurants. With balanced spending habits, you can manage your expenses properly and you don’t need to rely on personal loan Philippines too much.

Another clear benefit is an improved credit score. If your expenses are manageable and you have a decent credit rating, you’ll be more eligible for better loans and improved spending options. Even if you still don’t have good spending habits now, it’s not yet too late to start.

Continuous Loan Research
The responsible Filipino borrower understands the importance of loan research. While this is not mandatory, a loan research will help you know the top players in your area. Perhaps a popular bank holds the reins when it comes to cash advance loans, but the best loan deals can come from local community lenders.

Even if you are buying house and lot for sale in cebu city rush, you still got a lot of good choice for backup cash.

You wouldn’t know this information if you don’t have proper research.

Don’t worry – your personal loan research won’t be too long or difficult. You just need to come up of a superb lender list that you can rely on whenever you encounter emergencies. Keep your list personalized with remarks and other data points you came across.

Do you embody these three signs of responsible borrowing? If not, you should look around and see how Filipinos have changed their attitude towards borrowing. Strive hard to be a responsible borrower today and you can reap many financial advantages!

You have a budget but you still overspend. This is a reality for many people who successfully divide the salary into different expenditures yet found at the end of the month that they overspend.

Here are some of the reasons why you overspend:

#1 – You buy extras

How many times do you grab something that you see in the grocery or department store?

Impulsive buys put a dent in your budget. The next time you see something, that attracts you, evaluate if it is essential or within the budget. Always shop with a list and stick to it.

Eat before you shop.

#2 – You allow your needs and wants to become mixed up

It is easy to convince yourself that you need another dress, another lipstick, or another jar of peanut butter. It becomes easier to succumb into temptation when you see a sale or you are feeling stress. However, the habit will constantly blow your budget.

#3 – You do not track your expenses

It is not enough to make a budget, you need to track your purchases to prevent overspending. By tracking your expenses, you can see how much remains in each category and adjusts to your spending.

#4 – You forget the main reason why you create a budget

When you are focused on achieving your future goal, you learn to let go of unnecessary whims and wants. Fight the urge to buy something that will derail you from your main objective. One way to remind yourself is to tape a photo of your goal in your fridge or mirror.

#5 – You do not make adjustments

Unexpected things happen which affect your personal finances. Learn to adapt to the additional expenses by cutting back on some categories.

By examining the reasons above, you see where your money goes and why you overspend beyond your budget.

PERSONAL LOAN is a type of unsecured loan granted to an individual by banks and other lending institutions. The loan falls under the category of an unsecured loan where no security or collateral is required. In most instances, unsecured personal loans are normally provided by the bank to clients that have been doing business with them for a sizable amount of time. In some cases, personal loans are also known as character loans because the borrower is usually known or a client of the bank. BORROWING money via personal loan is usually low in terms of the amount that can be borrowed. One disadvantage of this type of loan is that its interest is relatively high.

Requirements Needed For a Personal Loan 

Prior to releasing a personal loan, the lending institutions will initially and thoroughly check several factors relative to the borrower in order to decide whether said applicant is qualified for the loan. The bank would normally check the loan applicant’s CREDIT Score, his other unsecured debt, current bills, current income, his capacity to pay back the loan and more importantly to know whether the amount being borrowed falls within the limit of the bank’s allowable amount that can be released to a borrower.

What is a Credit Score?


An individual credit score is usually the most important factor banks usually take into consideration before approving a personal loan. A credit score is a statistical number that shows an individual’s “credit worthiness”. These numbers determines whether the loan applicant will be able to repay the loan being applied for. These numbers therefore defines the loan applicant’s credit history. The numbers range from 300 to 850 with 850 being the highest score a borrower can achieve.

Personal Loans as unsecured debt


Personal loans are unsecured debts with a variable interest rate. Credit cards, variable balloon payments on car and/or house loans are classic example of unsecured debt. One very dangerous risk that lending institution takes when providing unsecured loans is the possibility of the borrower  to not be able to meet his monthly payment or worst to abandon paying the whole amount of the loan.

A PAYDAY LOAN can be defined as a small amount of cash with a relatively high interest lent to individuals with the agreement that the borrower repay the same as soon the borrower’s paycheck is received.  For some however there is really no definitive description of what a payday loan is except that it is short term high cost loan. The loan is normally repaid in a single payment and is due two to four weeks from the release of the loan.

Payday loan is at times secured by a postdated check for the same loan amount issued by the borrower to the lender or in some cases provide the lender the authority to withdraw funds from the borrower’s bank account and/or credit union. Payday loan can be a life saver especially at times when an unexpected expense suddenly arises. They are easy to apply for and hardly require any documentation from the borrower.


Advantages of Payday Loan

BORROWING via payday loan from a money lender open on sunday can be very convenient because it is very accessible to individuals who are cash strapped. People who avail of this type of loan need only to fill up a very simple application form and its approval is almost immediate. Collateral is never a problem considering that a person only need to issue a postdated or provide authority to the lender to have access to the borrower’s forthcoming cash funds. Payday loan only takes a few hours or less to be approved so a loan applicant can get hold of the needed cash in just a matter of hours.


Disadvantages of Payday Loan

The most obvious disadvantage of payday loan is its high interest. This is the reason why it necessary that the loan be immediately repaid upon its maturity. Another is that this type of loan is never ideal to cover long term financial problems. The loan is only suitable for urgent financial problems that need immediate financial solution. Always remember that prior to getting this kind of a loan carefully and thoroughly evaluate your financial problem first to see whether payday is the right way to solve your financial crisis.

Christmas is the merriest season when all your friends want to meet-up and invite you to their gatherings. The festive spirit of the celebration makes you say “yes” without thinking.

Anyway, this happens once a year so why not enjoy to the fullest. But don’t forget that all these gatherings involve spending. You need your budgeting skills to be able to attend them without breaking the bank.

Here’s how to do it!

Allocate fund for everything.

For the holiday season, add a “social events” category in your budget. Budgeting helps you set an allocation for everything. You need a separate fund to pay for the ticket price, buy a gift for the host, or anything that you need to share for the events.

Know the reason why you want to attend.

Your whys will determine the importance of the gathering for you? There are occasions that you do not want to miss out especially when it involves family or close friends. For other types of events, know your foremost intentions. This method will help you prioritize the meaningful events.

Volunteer to organize the event.

If you love organizing, volunteer your service. Ask some of your friends to be part of the team. Be creative. Delegate tasks to your team members, encourage everyone to share potluck dishes.

Find cheaper or free alternatives.

Look for activities that you can do together that is budget-friendly such as community events, concert-for-a-cause, or a picnic. Instead of dinner, why not organize a coffee meet-up. You can also suggest for the group to donate to a charity event. Find activities that are fun and meaningful for the whole group, something that will not break everyone’s budget.

Budgeting will be easy. You can enjoy the holiday season with special people in your life without spending a lot.

Teachers are considered some of the most hardworking professionals in society. They attend to the needs of their students, and they also need to juggle the pressures of family life. By this fact alone, teachers truly need various forms of respite. Since teachers are prone to financial troubles, many banks and lenders gave out new opportunities through easy-to-get loans.

If you’re a teacher who needs an easy-to-get loan, here are some great options for you:

Salary Loan

Easiness Factor: 8 out of 10

Salary loans are known as the best financial options for employees. Lenders love to offer these to employees because there’s a big chance that the loan can be repaid. Also, salary loans and bdo credit cards can directly mirror an employee’s credit report – so the impact is huge whenever an employee forgets to repay the loan. Salary loans also boast variably low interest rates, especially for those loans made for teachers. Aside from banks, salary loans are offered by online lenders and public lending groups.


Personal Loans

Easiness Factor: 7 out of 10

The best personal loans singapore are some of the most flexible loans that you’d encounter nowadays. Employees, freelancers, and basically anyone with an income source can apply for a personal loan. The interest rates and repayment terms of personal loans are variable, and they may change according to local and global demand. If you have the luxury of time to go loan shopping, personal loans are your suitable options. Most personal loan lenders also have Facebook pages that you can visit.

Guaranteed Cash Loans

Easiness Factor: 9 out of 10

What if you need money in an absolutely short time frame? Guaranteed cash loans are your best options. Since they are ‘guaranteed,’ you can get your money in just 30 minutes or one hour. The consequence? Guaranteed cash loans have high interest rates and almost weekly payment terms. Many borrowers are actually dead-locked with these guaranteed loans but they have no other choices. Guaranteed cash loans fit almost everyone, particularly those with a very low credit rating. Before choosing this loan, make sure that your other financial options have truly ran out.


While you can get the mentioned loans easily, you should bear in mind that they have different management styles. A salary loan, for example, might have longer terms than a guaranteed cash loan. However, a guaranteed cash loan has higher interest. Personal loans also vary in nature, depending on the lender. So, before picking any of the mentioned loans, make sure that you’ve set your priorities straight.

When talking about loans, so far this is one of the convenient loans you can have, however, before having one you have to go through a strict and difficult set of requirements to be passed. The purpose of this loan is to pay your day-to-day bills and at the same time avail the things you need at home like clothes, food and shelter. Further, this can be used when you are on an emergency. If you are planning to get a personal loan, buying a business in Ontario or to buy the fashion apparel you have seen this morning, well here are the things you must remember:


  • THEY ARE UNSECURED. If you can’t pay the debts you have on your personal loan, they don’t have the power to seize all your existing assets, hence, they will do the otherwise such as filing a lawsuit against you; report late payments to credit bureau or they can hire a collection agency for you.


  • PERSONAL LOANS ARE ON A FIXED AMOUNT. They would lend you abse on your financial capability to the extent of how much you can afford, so that they won’t fall into bankruptcy.


  • BEWARE OF SCAMS. As this personal loans are not secured, then don’t be that competent that they could protect you from scams, because personal loans are easy to input scams.



This are the reasons why people would rather be careful on their money, than to take risks on personal loans, especially if your beloved designer clothes are at risk.

Do you need that latest microwave oven but you’re currently short on cash? Instead of sulking in your room and thinking what happened to your budget, you can just approach a moneylender singapore and ask for an appliance loan. This type of loan is very similar to personal loans and fast cash loan in singapore, but a bit smaller in amount. It’s easy to get an appliance loan because you only need to show basic documents and employment records.


Before getting one, however, there are some factors that you have to be aware of:

Focus on Terms and Interest

If you’re planning to get an appliance loan or any other loan, you should focus on the repayment terms and interest. These factors would determine how much you need to shell out per month. Some lenders have surprisingly low interest rates, but their terms are stretched too long. Lenders do this to make more profits off the loan. If you pay attention to these simple things, you can maximize the full value of your cash in singapore without paying too much.

A Reputable Source

Since there are hundreds of licensed moneylenders in singapore competing in the market today, it can be challenging to find the right one. You can start in your local area, or you can use Google to find the best source. Just remember that you must be objective in your search. You should rely on borrower reviews because they’d give you hints about a lender’s conditions and operational methods. Online lender directories are also great sources because all data points are distilled in just few pages.

Ask Yourself – Do You Really Need the Loan?

Do you really need the loan? This is the first question that you must answer. With an appliance loan, you’ll be bothered weekly or monthly, and you may need to adjust your budget. Or perhaps you haven’t looked enough for an alternative money source? As much as possible, you should exhaust all of your options first before biting the possible consequences of a loan. More importantly, you need to determine if you really, really need the appliance right now.

There are a lot of fashion brands already in the industry and if you’re looking to be a part of that, it’s important to have a solid background of the business. Aside from acquiring sartorial knowledge and all that jazz, one must also equip themselves with some information in the business side, including how to start up.

Now it’s a such a risky move to just open up a business just because you want to and because of the profit you can gain. Before getting in over your head, it’s always a good idea to research. A thorough is research in important for any kind of life decisions, especially when it comes to business. One must make sure that he/she has the capabilities to start it up and maintain it along the way. It’s vital to determine if the kind of business you’re going to venture into will sell.

In the case of the apparels or ready to wear clothing, it’s a competitive industry to be a part in. there are countless fashion brands, big and small, and whether you’re going to be a hit or not depends solely on how you handle your business. This is where research comes in. Let research be your foundation to success for this will be the strength that your business can rely on. So what are the things you have to research on for you to have your own fashion start up?

All about your market

Gather information about your market. Their demographics, their interests, their fashion style, their needs, their lifestyle and buying habits. All these affect how you choose your selling products, how you approach advertising and PR, how you maintain the daily routine of your business and the like. It should be all about them since they are the ones who you’re asking profit from anyway. You’ve got to give them what they want so you can get what you want.

Current fashion trends

As a business owner, you must be ahead of your customers and have what they want even before they know. Some business tycoons can even have predictions as to what will soon be trendy and sometimes they’re right, or you can get creative and make things trend. Being updated on the trends is also advantageous for you because you can get your hands on those items before the other brands.

Apply for a fashion loan

Business finances are very serious matters. Starting a business needs a big amount of money to cover the supplies, the space rent, the salaries of the employees, and many more. This will help you with all that while motivating you to really do good in your business so that you can pay back the loan. Just make sure you review the contract and and agree on a good rate.

Product prices

Figuring out the right prices for your products can be quite challenging because it has to cover the expenses and gain profit for your business while being in a comparable level with other brands. In retail therapy, sky isn’t the limit in spending money. It’s way lower and you have to adjust to that so that your target market will be inclined to buy.


Know your competitors and study their strategies and products. Note down what they are doing right and wrong and learn from it. Look out for their advertising, marketing & PR strategies, their branding, packaging, everything. Find ways to make it better, and implement it. Aside from this, practice a healthy competition among your competitors. Build friendships and make connections. It will keep your eyes open and your competitors closer which will help you find different ways to approach your market.